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People & stories.

The coolest kid on the blog, with Lynn “Chicpea” Hazan

Jersey City lifestyle blogger Lynn Hazan encourages us to get local – and describes her perfect day out.


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Life is a dance floor, with DJ Griffter.

We chat with local DJ and music producer Griffter about his influences, Super Bowl gigs and why JC is a hotbed of creativity.

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A creative collaboration inspired by local landmarks

Art House Productions collaborated with Mack-Cali on a photo art piece for the lobbies at Harborside. Art House Executive Director Meredith Burns and photographer Joe Velez weig...

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Today’s news.

Likes & Jersey types.


Let the countdown to Friday #happyhour begin! #PiggybackBar #HarborsideJC


Dorothy Pizzigoni of @noahsarkflorist has always had a green thumb, and she started her own business in 1973. R...