Grabbing life by the beans, with Stefania of Nine Bar Café

January 09, 2019

January 09,

When did you start your business?
We launched in 2014.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
The first boss I had when I came to this country in 1987. He was a very successful, hard-working person, and he always had a positive attitude.

What brought you to Harborside?
I have been living in Jersey City since 2004, while working in Manhattan. I’ve always been in the coffee business; and I have more than 30 years of experience! Four years ago, I decided to open my own place and I chose JC because there were no espresso bars here back then.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy getting to know our customers and I love sharing my passion for coffee with everyone!

Stefania gets your espresso, pronto!

Describe your restaurant in three words.
Italian Espresso Bar. We focus on making the best espresso and cappuccino drinks. We also offer European pastries, sandwiches and salads as well.

What makes you feel most alive?
My family and my husband.

If you could eat any one food for the rest of your life what it be?

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner person?

One cooking tip you want to share
Always use vegetables that are in season. They have the best flavors.

What’s one secret talent outside the kitchen nobody knows about you?
I love interior design. I enjoy decorating with beautiful things!

What ingredients would you bring on a desert island with you? You can only pick 3!
Olive oil, salt and peppers.

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