JC and all that jazz, with Bryan and Margo

September 18, 2018

September 18,

Riverview Jazz is a non-profit organization (501c3) committed to building a self-sustaining audience for the arts by presenting various forms of jazz to the community in a combination of traditional and non-traditional spaces.

Now in its sixth year, Riverview hosts more than 100 events annually. Most notable is the summer festival series, a week-long event during the summer that brings live jazz concerts to various locations and neighborhoods in Jersey City.

Riverview is helmed by Executive Director Bryan Beninghove and Artistic Director Margo Parks. Both are music aficionados who hope to raise local awareness of music through Riverview Jazz.


I like how music is a language, and I love how everyone talks to each other. As a musician myself, I like how I can actually be a part of it.

While there have always been amazing musicians in Jersey City and Hudson County in general, many of the really great players have tended to play in New York or take tours in Europe. This has been in large part because of the lack of available venues in JC.

However, things are changing. The music scene in Jersey City is on the rise, with more and more spaces for artists to play and meet up. Taking advantage of it is key for up-and-coming musicians, agree both Bryan and Margo. After all, networking is just as important in music as it is in any other industry.

Jersey City music scene on the rise.


I like how music brings people together and creates community. Everyone’s there for the same reason.

This is Riverview Jazz’s second year hosting concerts in the Harborside Atrium and they are excited to be here. Between Harborside and the occasional concerts on the pier, Bryan and Margo see great potential in the waterfront neighborhood as a place to bring together the city’s many active, diverse communities.

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