On the clock at beer o’clock, with Jon Soloff

September 17, 2018

September 17,

Lutze Beer Garden General Manager Jon Soloff shares his typical atypical day — and his favorite “problem-free philosophy” drink.

It was during his studies at Quinnipiac University that Lutze Beer Garden’s Jon Soloff got his first taste for hospitality. The Westchester native began his career as a host in a hotel, then worked his way up to manager of the three restaurants within the hotel.

Now general manager of the popular Harborside destination, Jon is passionate about working with people and providing positive experiences.


There’s something special about making people happy through food and beverages.

A haven for great food, drinks and stunning city views. It doesn’t get better than this.

He also enjoys the variety of his role, which keeps him on his toes.
“Food and beverage is a rapidly changing industry, so there’s never a ‘typical day’. Every day at the Lutze is unique. During the week, we open in the afternoon and each day differs depending on the variety of events we have lined up. We host happy hours, birthdays, Zog Sports, corporate outings and so on.”

For the Lutze, the biggest challenge is the weather. Being an outdoor-only venue requires cooperation from Mother Nature. But that won’t stop them from future success.
“The Lutze will continue to grow and evolve because that’s how this industry works,” says Jon. “We try to stay ahead of trends and create our own personality while creating a unique experience for our customers.”

It’s an experience that can be seen in every aspect of the Lutze — right down to the drinks menu. Jon’s recommendation? “The Hakuna Matata.”

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