Painting the town polychromatic, with Novado Gallery

December 12, 2019

December 12,

Hudson County’s largest contemporary retail art gallery, Novado Gallery hosts art exhibitions and openings, artist talks, gallery tours, panel discussions, and fundraisers for cultural groups. In addition to selling a variety of fine art and custom furniture from local artists, it also connects individuals or organizations with artists for site-specific art or installation projects. More recently, the gallery has expanded its services to include corporate art programs and art consulting, all with the goal of placing art in front of wider audiences.

“It’s a constant flow of what is routine, what is new and needs to addressed, and what is in the planning stages,” says co-owner Anne Novado about the day-to-day of running an art gallery.

“There is a ton of photo formatting, creating and posting content on Instagram, on our website, updating artist information on the sites or letting collectors of their work know when the artists are in new exhibitions, receive awards, are published in books, and featured in interviews or reviews,” says Anne, who is an artist herself.

“After a show opens, we follow up with gallery visitors who show interest in a work, and with online visitor inquiries, including via the art marketplace, which places the works we have available in front of a global audience.”

A palette geared at local palates.

The gallery may have a global reach, but with a location on Morgan Street, close to Washington Avenue in the Powerhouse Arts District, it’s also ideally positioned for local audiences to explore. This was by design.

“My business partner [street photographer Steve Pearlman] and I were looking to create a gallery project in a larger metropolitan area that would combine the artists I had been working with artists from the JC/NYC area,” explains Anne, who met Steve while working as a curator for a privately owned gallery space in Syracuse NY.

After tapping into their local JC connections, Anne and Steve were put in touch with Mill Creek Residential, which was looking to integrate an art gallery and art studios into its Modera Lofts project.

“They liked our proposal for the gallery, and so Novado Gallery had found its location. Steve and I designed the space to varying degrees of spatial intimacy and openness for the viewer, with the ability to exhibit different art forms.”

A powerhouse of the Powerhouse Arts District.

The gallery has made a name for itself not just for its collection, but for its events, which it’s been excelling at since day one.

“Our grand opening with Mayor Fulop was rescheduled due to a snowstorm, and we didn’t know if people knew the opening had been rescheduled,” explains Anne. “Guests were still coming out in the storm, so the original date of the grand opening became a ‘Snow Day Social’. We served hot cider and mulled wine and had a blast at both events.”

In the two years since then, Novado’s social calendar has shown no signs of slowing down.

“In addition to our gallery exhibitions, we’ve had some wonderful events and collaborations, including hosting the annual fundraiser for ESKFF’s Artist Residency Program at Mana Contemporary, guest curator exhibitions, and a fundraiser for the Con Vivo Music group. We recently exhibited at an art fair in the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC as well.”
Under Anne and Steve’s stewardship, the gallery has grown from strength to strength, just like JC as a whole.


The JC business community is exciting, multi-layered, vibrant, and diverse. We’re growth oriented, and we see that in many of the businesses in the area.

Novado gallery will continue to bring local art, events and outreach to the community – and will soon be adding a new business partner from Italy into the mix.


110 Morgan Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

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